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We're breaking the stereotypical storyline

Aspiring Latinx is a podcast dedicated to highlighting the Latinx community. The name 'Aspiring Latinx' came from a lack of understanding and controversy between generations over a newly used term. We wanted to create a platform that bridged the gap between ages and to provide the space for them to talk openly about their perspectives, while also staying true to the inclusivity the term 'Latinx' holds. We plan to do this through our three avenues: our series, podcast, and editorials.


Our 'SERIES'  is a list of curated events and Instagram highlights that tackle topics such as Comiendo Rico, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Latina Equal Pay Day.


Our podcast will highlight Latinx trailblazers around the city of Chicago and beyond within different career industries. 


Our editorial conversations will bring us back to our original magazine roots

by providing beautiful imagery and insight to some of Chicago's top talent and activists. 

When creating Aspiring Latinas now renamed Aspiring Latinx, the goal was simple; to highlight Latina women who were breaking barriers and accomplishing the impossible in their families.
After conducting countless interviews that never saw the light of the day, it was time to restructure the platform to serve as representation for a community deemed as less than and
undeserving. To give individuals the space to tell their own story and say who they are before anyone gets to label them.

As the Latinx population continues to grow, the “X” in our name bridges the gap between various groups of people, the intersection of cultures and identities, showcasing the many individuals who are bi-racial, bi-cultural, and LGBTQIA. As a community, we are continuously put in a box of what being a Latino truly means, which ends now. We want to open up the dialogue and highlight our community as a whole with the love and respect it deserves.

Meet The Team

After meeting at an internship and many conversations later, Emily invited Jocelyn to join her on her project and the rest is history. 

Founder & Co-host

Creative Director


Emily Santos is the creator of Aspiring Latinx. In 2018, Emily served as the Diversity Coordinator for 1871 and Code 2040 upon graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Social Media and Digital Strategy.


Emily has hit the ground running in her field by working with various startup businesses and non-profits on their social presence. She currently works as an Associate Account Executive at a promotions agency called The Marketing Store. Emily's passion lies with storytelling and community, with a mission to bridge together thoughtfully curated minority stories and create a table for everyone to sit.

Cofounder & Co-Host

Creative Director


Jocelyn Moreno is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Aspiring Latinx. She received her bachelors degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Cultural Studies from Columbia College Chicago as a first gen student. Jocelyn has worked in the newspaper industry, has experience in logo and brand design, and has been freelancing in a variety of fields for the past three years. You can find some of her work here

After graduation Jocelyn took a shift in career, joining the non-profit sector as a Community Health Worker. Giving back and educating her community have always been at the core of her values.

Video Editor

Jess 2.jpg


Jessica Garciduenas is a first-generation college graduate with a television degree concentrated on Internet Mobile Media from Columbia College Chicago. Jessica's passion lies with changing the narrative of her life as a Latina in the workforce. Taking matters into her own hands, she left her "dream job" to become the leader, creator, and motivator she had always aspired to be.