Ari Rose- A body care company with SOUL

A Chicago-based body care company, Ari Rose, is shifting the narrative on clean and holistic products. “Skinfood” as founder and owner Jessica Mann refers to her products, stresses the importance of knowing what’s in your hygiene products as much as you know what's in the food you are consuming. After years of creating products for her family and honing in on her craft, Ari Rose skyrocketed as Jessica found a need from the public over her products.

As a mother of three, Jessica became intrigued with clean eating, and verifying the labels on the food and products she was using was real, this awareness of decent living has manifested into her products. Due to her fantastic community on Facebook and Instagram, Ari Rose is more than just a body care company; it is a safe haven for customers to share their skincare journey and difficulties. She has included her audience in the naming process for certain products, such as the famous “Coro-Nah!” bar when the stay-at-home order began. This was one example of how Jessica has brought together a community of people to share a common desire, clean and healthy products that make a difference. She has started a movement with her products, bringing together not only women but also men and children, while igniting the conversation on a healthier lifestyle.

“My daughters have played a significant role in this journey. My daughter, Jada Ari was diagnosed with ADHD at six and was also diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder (SPCD). As a little girl, parenting her was HARD. I knew that to help her; I was going to pass on medications and change her diet completely. This led me down a path of clean, mostly plant-based eating for over 13 years now. As I progressed on my journey, I became pregnant with Priya Rose in 2012. Soon after finding out, I began that obsessive mom search on how to make sure I was taking the best care of myself for the sake of my unborn child.

During my research, I came across an article from the Environmental Working Group that stated, "over 280 toxins are found in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies," many of which came from conventional body/skincare products. At that point, I was infuriated. I obsessively looked over labels, angry that products I trusted, even so, called "natural" brands, were full of toxic chemicals. This led me to begin making my products, solely for my family. I didn't anticipate it becoming a business. I wanted to focus on healthy eating. That's where I felt I could make the most significant impact on people's lives. However, God had other plans for me. Friends began asking to buy my soaps and creams. Then wanted more... and more. To the point where I had to make a choice. Go all out and make this a business or stop altogether and focus on healthy eating/living. But at that very crucial moment, I realized that I could do both. Not too many businesses were at the time, yet I'd end up focusing on body care as holistic, rather than just your average "beauty" product emphasizing aesthetics. That's where the magic of my life's purpose unfolded. It's why I remain steadfast in my mission and values. Because without them, Ari Rose would be just another skin/body care company without a soul."

Jessica has proven to be more than just the face of a body care company; she is relatable and holds no reservations when showing her vulnerability and honesty to her audience. With hopes to empower her community and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who are looking to start their businesses. Jessica shares words of wisdom we all need to hear. "There is no such thing as job security. There are no guarantees. I have this mentality because I graduated from DePaul University with a degree in the middle of a recession in 2008. It was challenging to find a job because there were no places hiring. I was a single mom, and it took me a while. But if there's anything that I learned from that time, there is no such thing as a degree to get you a job that's going to provide for you and your family. From there, the only person you can trust in and invest in is yourself because you have skills and the talent that your average company is not going to value."